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PWR (pronounced power) stands for Pro Wrestling Ready, because we believe we can get YOU Pro Wrestling Ready!

PWR Pro started way back in 2019 under a different name - Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum.

Andy is a Pro Wrestler who is arguably one of the most experienced and highly regarded pro wrestlers in the country. It was Andy's dream to offer the East Coast of Scotland a premium wrestling school which was safe, clean and inclusive.

Andy ran the idea past his partner, Hannah, who said they could do it on one condition - they ran kids classes. Hannah always found it unfair that kids could start training in other sports from a young age, but that young wrestling fans were forced to stay behind the barriers - introducing pro wrestling training to kids as young as 6 had never been done before, so that's when coach Stu was brought in to be involved. Stu is a pro wrestling veteran with decades worth of wrestling and coaching experience - with a particular flair for kids coaching.

It didn't take long before the doors were open in our first school in Glenrothes, Fife, and over 60 students were signed up. Extra classes had to be put on for Wee Wrestlers, Juniors students were training hard and making friends and Adult students were travelling from all over to join us. 

In 2021, after the pandemic, PWR Pro hosted their first ever live show in the form of a Student Showcase - it was a huge success, and is what started the ball rolling which eventually led the team to start running Live Professional Shows quarterly in Leven. We've since welcomed over 200 fans at multiple shows and look forward to continuing to build on the success of these shows. 

In 2023, FPWA rebranded into PWR Pro and have announced their plans to expand into Livingston. We're almost ready to announce all of the finer details, but in the meantime spaces are being secured by students for all classes - Wee Wrestlers, Juniors and Adults classes. 

If you would like to join us at either Fife or Livingston, please contact us to book a place!

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We'll get you Pro Wrestling Ready

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