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Why train with PWR Pro?

Find out why some of the top wrestling stars in the world recommend training with PWR Pro...


"Picking a wrestling school with a reputable trainer is one of the most important things any young aspiring wrestler does, it shapes your future. Andy Roberts runs a great, clean, gym, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge, he recruits the best guest trainers and he trains people the right way. More important than that though, he's a good man and creates a supportive, uplifting and encouraging family environment amongst his trainees."

JD McDonagh, WWE RAW Star


“Andy is one of the best all round wrestlers in Europe, and one of the few coaches in the UK today who has the wealth of experience he has.
Andy’s proven himself in the ring against some of the best in the world, and training under him is a great way to put your best foot forward when thinking about a career in professional wrestling.”

Mark Andrews, former WWE NXTUK/TNA Star


"For anyone looking to take their Wrestling journey seriously, you should definitely train with a diverse experienced coach like Andy Roberts. 
One of the best coaches and professional wrestlers in the scene today."

Rampage Brown, former NXT UK Star/Coach


"I’d highly recommend training with Andy. Accompanying his fantastic in ring work he’s incredibly welcoming and will teach you the right way and instil core values and the work ethic needed for being successful within Pro Wrestling. What’s more he offers fantastic shows for students to showcase themselves in the best possible light."

Wild Boar - former NXTUK Star & current Head Coach at New Wave Academy


“Andy Roberts is a devoted and passionate grappler who has been a mainstay in many of the top companies in Europe for well over 15 years. Training with PWR Pro provides a solid foundation for any and all students to hone their skills who are looking to either become grapplers or looking to create new skills and advance their current level.”

Malakai Blxck, former WWE Star/former NXT Champion & AEW Star


"Credible trainers with the experience, ability and genuine passion for teaching are increasingly hard to find. Andy is not only one of the very best active wrestlers on the scene, but also one of the highest quality coaches. 
Having witnessed first hand the effort, care and sense of community that goes into Andy’s schools, I wholeheartedly recommend PWR Pro to anyone wanting to start or further their wrestling journey."

Sam Gradwell - former WWE NXTUK Star

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